Lazareva Tatiana  Alexandrovna

Tatiana was born in 1966.
Graduated from the Faculty of Psychology, Open Moscow State Pedagogical University (Sholohov University).
Artist, textile designer.

Awarded at the exhibitions:
"Patchwork mosaic of Russia" (Ivanovo, 1999),
"Patchwork style" (St-Petersburg, 2000),
"Russian costume at the edge of epochs"(2000).
Honored diploma for creating and producing hand-made clothes for the participants of the International Philatelist Exhibition (China, 2000). Participant of the 2nd Moscow Art Exhibition "Moscow Palette" (2003).
Awarded at the exhibitions "Spring Saloon" (Moscow).
Awarded by magazines "Women's World " (2001), "Fashion Magazine" (2002).


An artist uses traditional patchwork techniques.
Working with textile the author most appreciates improvisation and plastic of the material, as well as "dialogue of the artist and the material".

Tatiana is a teacher of patchwork and textile weaving at educational center of applied handicrafts in Beliaevo Gallery, Moscow.
She is an author of the book "Handmade miracles" from the book series "Tatiana Lazareva's textile studio".
On the  site illustrations you can see a samples of Tatiana and her studio's works.



Tatiana's e-mail:
Beliaevo Gallery: Profsoyuznaya 100, Moscow, Russia. Tel.: +7 (495) 335-8322




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